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Body goals? Tune in before you fill up, flatten out or lift up

November 4, 2020
Body goals? Tune in before you fill up, flatten out or lift up

A new decade is underway, spurring many of us into body goal action. However, taking an individual approach to any procedure – breast implants, reconstruction, abdominoplasty – beyond social page inspiration, is essential for best practise and greater peace-of-mind. Why? Because placing yourself in the hands of a qualified surgeon, with the right experience and advice means you’ll stay truly connected to your body’s journey from beginning to end – and those results will hit all the right notes. Whether you’re seeking greater breast volume, lift or reconstruction, or looking to contour the tummy, let’s get the conversations started . . .

Breast factors

More lift? Increased volume? Both? Various factors influence breast decisions – i.e. post-childbirth may cause breasts to droop, go down a size or increase size! Which is why breast augmentation is dependent on many factors. “If it’s a volume issue – think weight loss or pregnancy – an implant can restore fullness and shape, and when combined lift, it can correct lax tissue,” explains Adam Bialostocki, Bay Plastic Surgery’s cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon. “If nipples have spiralled downward or become larger – opting for a mastopexy to raise breast tissue and reposition the nipple is a good option. For women with lopsided or small breasts, an implant, a lift – or both – can restore.” Where there are breasts, there are options, so understanding and visualising what you’ll look like post-surgery matters most. “Which is why we engage 3D Vectra imaging technology to provide our clients with a real-life depiction of their breasts post-surgery,” explains Adam, “and it also aids when guiding procedure discussion.”

Reconstruction on your terms

Breast reconstruction goes beyond filling a void for those women who have journeyed through breast cancer – it’s no one-size-fits-all approach. “It’s driven by personal preference, wellness, and short and long-term expectations,” says Adam. “And, it’s a procedure that can be delayed, with surgery carried out months, even years, following breast cancer recovery.” The two main breast reconstructive procedures available to Kiwi women are breast flap reconstruction and breast implant reconstruction.

Breast Flap Reconstruction – This technique uses flaps of a woman’s own tissue – sometimes with the addition of an implant too – to reconstruct breasts. Skin, fat and sometimes muscle, is taken from the back, bottom, inner thighs or lower abdomen. The flaps are then reshaped to form a new breast.

Breast Implant Reconstruction – This procedure involves inserting an implant under the skin and muscle to restore the shape and volume of the breast.

Abdomino play

It may be one of the world’s most popular procedures but not everyone’s an expert on the ins and outs of a tummy tuck. For starters, abdominoplasty isn’t a weight loss procedure, its aim is to reshape, sculpt and contour. So, what is involved? Skin is released from the lower part of your abdomen – right up the belly – to allow for tightening of the muscles and flatter restoration. Skin is then re-draped, trimmed and belly button redefined. And as for scarring? “Scars and surgery go hand in hand,” explains Adam. “However, incisions are strategically positioned so scars remain discreet and, over time, they’ll will fade too. “The best tummy results are largely dependent on skin shrinkage post-surgery, which is why wearing supportive garments and following care instructions to the letter is key.”

Final words? Before committing to any procedure ensure you do your homework and only enlist those with the experience and expertise to ensure your procedure is a success.

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