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When It’s Cold Outside Take Time to restore Body, skin and soul

June 17, 2022

Another winter has set in but don’t settle for a season of hibernation. Use the cooler months to address those body ambitions and spring into spring! Here’s how you can rejuvenate in more ways than one . . . Freshen up the face with a little Botox or dermal fillers. These non-invasive cosmetic treatments work to define and enhance the natural contours of your face.

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Implanting Greater Breast Awareness

May 2, 2022

Breast implant surgery has been popular worldwide for decades, however, the procedure has received extra press across the past few years – and not all positive affirmations. Textured implants – the fourth generation of implants – came onto the marketplace in the late 1980s. And, whilst the use of both smooth and textured implants have dominated the breast platforms for over 30 years – it’s textured implants that have raised eyebrows and caused a stir in recent times – even prompting Allergan, global pharmaceutical company, to announce a global recall of its biocell textured implants in 2019.

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Rejuvenating to get even . . . balancing facial asymmetries

April 9, 2022

You’d be forgiven for feeling a little lopsided. Mentally, emotionally – and physically – the COVID pandemic has been felt by all. And, with screentime now dominating new normals, we’ve also got up-close-and-personal with ourselves – prompting closer analysis of facial asymmetries. You may have spied one nostril larger than another, mouth slightly dipped to one side, one eye droopy, but they’re more common than not! And there’s options to treat them all.

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Surgeon Matters . . . Seek individual treatment, not special treatment

March 1, 2022

Anyone preparing for a cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure, knows that safety and quality is essential – no matter your age or location. With procedure numbers growing year-on-year internationally, choosing the right surgeon for 'you' ensures best results, and the best individual care. Here’s why experience, specialist training and practise should be weighted above all else . . .

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Fill Me In . . . What Age to Turn to Injectables?

February 2, 2022

Injectable treatments – Botox, dermal fillers – have been hailed the world over for their wrinkle minimising, voluminous and rejuvenating benefits. But the question remains – what’s the best age to start engaging non-invasive appearance medicine treatments? And, if we do start ‘relaxing’ muscles earlier in life with Botox injections, are we going to keep those wrinkles at bay for longer? Well, there’s no definitive answer but there is evidence early use of injectables may prove beneficial in the age prevention department.

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Freeze and Forget . . . Kiss fat goodbye with a touch of 2022 cool

January 17, 2022

Ice-cold temperatures on the outside to freeze fat on the inside! FDA-approved CoolSculpting is reducing fat cells – successfully – the cool way. Why treat stubborn fat areas – love handles, jelly bellies, muffin tops, and batwings – with this non-invasive treatment instead of cutting back on the Xmas mince pies and upping the exercise? Because, unfortunately, changes to diet and exercise are not enough to cut the mustard – or fat.

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