Cosmetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery / Skin Cancer Specialists / Appearance Medicine

reconstructive surgery

The type of reconstructive surgery that befits you, is focused on your individual needs. A consultation with one of our reconstructive and cosmetic surgeons, Mr Brandon Adams or Mr Adam Bialostocki, identifies the correct procedures to achieve best results.

Breast reduction

Breast reduction surgery involves the removal of excess skin and tissue to help reduce the painful physical symptoms of excessively large breasts.

Skin Cancer Surgery

Skin cancers need to be excised and repaired with care and skill. A trusted hand ensures pointed results, quickened recovery and greater peace-of-mind.

Breast reconstruction

A common procedure for women who have undergone a mastectomy following breast cancer. Breast reconstruction works to restore body confidence and well-being.

Facial cancer surgery

The treatment of complex cancers of the face including the nose, lips, cheeks, chin and neck requires precision by a trusted hand.

Hand surgery

Mr Bialostocki and Mr Adams provide hand injury treatment, including skin, tendon, nerve and bone, and carpal tunnel syndrome.


Our surgeons are skilled at removing tumours of the head and neck, which can affect the large salivary glands of the cheek, and those that arise from within the gland itself.

Scar revision

Injuries and planned surgery leave scars which may cause problems in bodily appearance and function. Mr Adams and Mr Bialostocki offer a wide range of techniques to improve scarred tissues.


Gynaecomastia is a common condition of excessive breast tissue growth in adolescent males and men. Our surgeons perform male breast reduction to restore body proportion and confidence.

Gender reassignment

The decision to undertake surgery to change body appearance to a gender different from birth, is important and complex. So we provide a trusted and supportive hand.


Microsurgery is a powerful technique that is used to address many complex reconstructive challenges. Our surgeons bring the skills and experience to perform microvascular and micro-neurosurgery.

Nerve surgery (Carpal Tunnel)

Nerve compression can cause tingling, pain, and weakness. Mr Bialostocki and Mr Adams engage surgical techniques to relieve and improve symptoms, restoring sensation and mobility.