Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery

As part of our desire to offer you the very best in a continuum of care at Da Vinci Clinic, we offer a range of cosmetic surgery procedures performed by Mr Bialostocki.

With a wealth of experience in the procedures listed here, Mr Bialostocki’s experience and good judgment combined with the most modern advancements and well established techniques, ensures that your optimal outcome can be achieved.

Cosmetic surgery is usually concerned with aesthetic improvements and a personal desire to in some way change and/or enhance your facial or bodily features. In most cases these types of surgery are undertaken at Grace Hospital in Tauranga, where Mr Bialostocki and his team work alongside a highly trained team of theatre and anaesthetic staff in this modern and progressive health facility.

Initially you will need to make an appointment for a cosmetic consultation, during which time your particular wishes, options available to you, and details around the surgery will be discussed. It is not uncommon for potential patients to be under the impression that they need a certain procedure in order to achieve a desired outcome, when in fact a different procedure may give them the result they desire. Some patients are also pleasantly surprised to discover the plastic surgery they thought they needed, is in fact not as invasive or complex.

Nose Jobs (Rhinoplasty)

Whether it is too big, out of shape from a sporting accident or causing breathing difficulties, the nose can be reshaped to fit with the overall proportions of the face. Some patients require a small adjustment and others more major changes. Depending on the individual operation, it can take up to several hours. Some patients need to wear an external splint after the nose job (rhinoplasty), and there is usually bruising and swelling. It can take 3-6 months for the final result to be fully evident.

Ear Reduction (Setback Otoplasty)

Ears that stick out, are too big or uneven can be corrected by reshaping them to adjust the angle between the ears and the scalp. It is easier to perform in children, when cartilage is soft and easily moulded, but can still be effective in teenagers and adults. Usually ear surgery is done under General Anaesthetic in children, but can be done under Local Anaesthetic in adults, sometimes with sedation. The surgical incision is made at the back of each ear, cartilage is cut and partially removed, and ears bent back in a more natural shape and restitched. A padded bandage remains on the ears for up to 7 days.

Face Lift Surgery

One of the most common procedures performed by plastic surgeons, often on people aged between 40 and 65, although there is a recent trend for younger patients to come for more minor surgery. Face lifts involve the re-suspension of deeper facial tissue, and re-draping of the loose skin, usually removing the excess skin via scars carefully hidden in front of and behind the ears. The overall effect of a facelift is better tone and a fresher, younger looking face.

The facelift surgery is performed under a General Anaesthetic, administered by an Anaesthetist, in an accredited Private Hospital. Most people combine this surgery with other procedures such as brow and eyelid rejuvenation, and microfat grafting to lips, lower lids and cheeks.

Neck Lift Surgery

Aging and weight loss can affect the broad sheet of muscle that defines the shape of the neck and jaw. A neck lift can tighten loose skin, reduce jowls and help to define the jaw line. Usually an elastic support needs to be worn for a few weeks afterwards to reduce swelling.

Brow (Forehead) Lift Surgery

With time and age, the position of the eyebrow begins to drop. This might give the impression that the upper eyelids look saggy. Although that might also be the case, rejuvenation of the upper face usually involves re-positioning of the brow to a more aesthetic position with a brow lift. Prominent horizontal forehead lines will also soften with a brow lift, and the small muscles responsible for frowning can also be weakened.

The approach is via incisions made behind the hairline, where the scars will be hidden, and the forehead tissue is freed with the use of a fibre-optic telescope, before being elevated up and being secured in the higher position.

Eyelid Reduction Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Another common plastic surgery operation, which can be done at the same time as facial rejuvenation surgery, or on it’s own. Aging or hereditary factors can lead to saggy eyelids, and occasionally excess fat in the eyelids can contribute to the condition. In some cases the upper eyelids can droop sufficiently to actually block vision. That loose fold of drooping skin can be removed to make eyes look fresher & rejuvenated, and bags below the eye can be tightened to reduce the ‘tired’ appearance. It is often necessary to tighten the lower eyelid horizontally due to a loosening of the underlying ligaments at the corner of the eyes. Upper eyelid surgery can be done under Local Anesthesia at Da Vinci Clinic, but lower eyelid surgery is usually done under General Anesthetic at Grace Hospital. Medical insurers occasionally contribute to surgical costs for members with functional problems.

Fat Grafting

This surgical procedure using your own fat is performed by Mr Bialostocki, and is a more permanent technique for plumping out facial contours. We are happy to discuss this option with you at your initial consultation.