9 April 2020

Strengthening connections, making the most of matters

Strengthening connections, making the most of matters

The Covid crisis is upon us – regardless of age and place, many of us are taking extra stock of safety and wellness right now. And, reflection and celebration are intrinsically tied this month, especially highlighted with WHO – World Health Organisation – marking its annual celebratory day on April 7th. With a strong frontline of medical officials at the helm New Zealand, and a strong network of communities tucked under our belt – we have plenty to be thankful for living Down Under.

Future forward . . .

Going forward – Covid and beyond – many of us will also wanting to be making changes for the greater benefit of long-term health and wellness - for ourselves, for our families. Which is why rethinking our stance and tuning into who we prepared to invest our time and money with on the health front, is so important. There are key factors we should all address in our decision making – no matter what the procedure – cosmetic, reconstructive, skin cancer or plastic surgery.

And, staying in the hands of someone close is often the safest and most assured move, here’s why:

- By choosing local providers – across the health and wellness spectrum – ensures we are covered within the regulatory bounds of sanitary, health and safety requirements. Peace-of-mind also comes from knowing you can return to your doctor, nurse or surgeon time and time again without travelling the span of a country – or having to fly to another. And, if the unexpected should occur, or disaster strike, you are within the safety net of your own healthcare system. Not someone elses.

- Choosing a register specialist practitioner or surgeon – recognised and reputed here in New Zealand – is essential not just for peace-of-mind but for best long-term outcomes and success. High-standards of care, commitment and expertise should never be an option – they should be a given.

Virtual connections are helping us through these challenging times, but when it comes to our health, it’s the physical connections – the trusted and true – that matter most. Stay connected.