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When in Winter . . . Aim for Abs and Greater Lift

January 30, 2024

Aiming for tummy confidence and greater boost in the breast department this year? Winter hones great advantages on the cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery frontline. Why? Because controlled temperatures, additional clothing layers and less sun exposure all aid post-surgical recovery. So, if you have body goals in the pipeline, in sync with the cooler months and action body contouring and breast procedures.

Temperatures on the downlow . . .

We’ve all felt the wrath of summertime heat – and the sticky, stuffiness it imparts. Undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures during the winter months, affords controlled and cooler temperatures which aid post-op swelling.

Lights out . . .

Winter boasts fewer daylight hours, and while that means many of us sadly pack away the barbeque, our skin benefits from less exposure to harmful rays. This is a huge benefit for those choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery procedures, as the sun’s rays can darken scars. With all incisions – tummy, breasts, arms or thighs – you’ll have bruising and fresh skin that’s healing. Minimising sun exposure to the area for the best part of six months is key to minimising hyperpigmentation.

Layer up and compress . . .

Winter means layers of clothing – a plus for compression bandages. Compression bandages are an essential cog in any cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery recovery journey. From breast augmentation to liposuction and tummy tucks, compression bandages benefit the body in more ways than one. They,

1. reduce swelling by keeping constant pressure on the surgical site to prevent fluid buildup work to reduce the risk of more serious complications like seroma (excess serous fluid filling a pocket under the skin, and

2. decrease bruising by preventing blood cells from moving towards the skins surface, and

3. they enhance wound healing and strengthen circulation which helps to reduce the risk of blood clots and infections.

Out of sight, peace-of-mind . . .  

Discreet and cosmetic surgery go hand-in-hand. For those of us wanting to keep breast or tummy surgery under wraps – and not public knowledge – wintery conditions make the perfect excuse to step away from social occasions and keep bandages hidden.

Whatever your cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery goals, ensure you receive the best guidance and care for the journey ahead.  

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