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Winter Pluses . . . Aim for Abs and Breast Rejuvenation

June 28, 2021

Counting on a little more tummy confidence for summer 2021 – or maybe greater lift and enhancement on the breast front? Then winter is your season to send fat packing and push out – or up – a little more. Undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures, like abdominoplasty or breast augmentation, can be undertaken anytime of the year but the cooler seasons hone greater advantages in terms of recovering, temperatures and hidden features. Here’s why now could be the best time for you to press play on those body ambitions.

Healing power. . .

Without the thick of summertime heat, healing remains controlled and cooler temperatures aid post-op swelling. And the chiller weather means we’re more likely to expose our skin, benefiting scar healing – less sun exposure, means scars fade not darken.  

Cover up advantage. . .

Because we layer our clothing in winter – singlets, merinos, scarves and jackets – there’s no better time to add a compression bandages or two to the mix – it’s less likely to be spotted. Because both abdominoplasty and breast surgery recovery is inclusive of stitches, bruising and swelling, compression bandages are needed for support. These not only help to support and aid comfort but work to reduce the risk of more serious complications like seroma (excess serous fluid filling a pocket under the skin).

Out of sight.. .

Winter hallmarks the best of times to make the most of the indoors. For those of us wanting to keep breast or tummy surgery under wraps – and not public knowledge– wintery conditions make the perfect excuse to step away from social occasions and keep bandages hidden.

Whatever your cosmetic and plastic surgery ambitions, every individual has a unique pathway and journey to follow, so ensuring you receive the best guidance and care from trusted and skill professionals is essential for peace-of-mind and best results.


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