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Spring Fresh – Press Play on Face, Body and Skin Rejuvenation

August 3, 2021

Winter is on the backfoot, so it’s the perfect time to address those body ambitions and spring into spring! Here’s how you can rejuvenate in more ways than one . . .

-  Freshen up the face with a little Botox or dermal fillers. These non-invasive procedures work to define and enhance the natural contours of your face – think cosmetic treatments to produce truly natural looking results and restore balance. Dermal fillers can soften tear troughs, nasiolabial folds and gently plump lips. Botox can rid the dreaded 'elevens' between the brows, correct drooping brows and diminish those crows feet. Also advancing in popularity is the use of fillers to reshape nose, and the mini-facelift or temporal lift – lifting the outside corners of the brow.

-  Don’t forget your skincare regime across these chilly spring months. Cooler weather means there’s less moisture in the air and our skin’s natural barrier is compromised. This can result in dry – sometimes flaky – and acne prone skin which less able to fight off infections and bacteria. But, before you go piling on your serums and oils, build up the hydration in your skin – namely with active hyaluronic acid. This could be a hydrating booster or mask.

- As for your sunscreen, this is all-important year-round – but numbers can be numerous and confusing. In terms of your SPF – Sunscreen Protection Factor – the higher the number, the greater the protection barrier. For the whole family we recommend our eco-warrior and environmentally savvy Skinnies range – a little goes a long way!

- If you’ve made it your goal to trim down by summer but the weather’s keeping you in doors. Nows the best time to look to nonsurgical fat eliminating procedures like CoolSculpting. Eradicate stubborn fat for good and gently contour and sculpt – all in a lunchtime – minus surgery and downtime.

- If you’ve been toying with the idea of liposuction or a tummy tuck – abdominoplasty, the cooler months are the ideal time to undergo surgery and recover before the heat of summer arrives. The cooler months serve better time to heal – aiding post-op swelling, and covering up bandages is more discreet under those extra layers too.  

Whatever you summer ambitions, now's the time to press go, speak to our team of cosmetic, appearance medicine and plastic surgery specialists!


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