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Revise and rewind – Can you undo plastic surgery procedures?

January 15, 2024

Cosmetic surgery procedures continue to rise in popularity, from top to toe. From the buttock lift – which saw a whooping 87% increase in numbers in 2022 compared to 2019, reports the latest American Society of Plastic Surgery findings – to the ever-popular breast lift or facelift, cosmetic surgeries show no signs of slowing. However, what happens if you want to reverse a plastic surgery procedure? And, can you?

More than one rhyme to the reason . . .

There are multiple reasons people choose to hit reverse on their plastic surgery. However, you can’t completely undo or reverse a procedure as the body has been permanently changed. You can, however, revise your look. One reason people may seek plastic surgery revision is due medical complications where infections or tissue damage has arisen following the procedure itself. In some cases, revision surgery to correct the damage and restore results may be a viable option, however in other cases a complete reversal of the procedure may be needed.

Emotional or physical wellbeing . . .

As we move through life our wants, needs and choices change. In some cases, the cosmetic or reconstructive plastic surgery you underwent several years ago may not fit with your lifestyle or body goals of now. For example, breast augmentation to increase your breast size from a B to a D cup in your younger years can be revised in years to come (breast implants typically need replacing every 10years.) Whilst your breasts won’t revert back to their pre-surgery size and shape, removing the larger implant and replacing it with a smaller one, or engaging fat grafting, combined with a breast lift, can balance and harmonise.

Reaching for a trusted and qualified cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon or appearance medicine practitioner is essential to receiving the best, and safest, procedure delivery and results. For those that experience emotional distress following a surgical or non-invasive cosmetic procedure, reversing it is often the best option. With injectable treatments, such as Dermal fillers, where filler has been injected into the wrong place, overfilled or the patient has experienced lumps or allergic reactions, a reversing agent can be administered to dissolve the filler. With Botox however, there is currently no reversal solution to administer, you cannot undo the procedure, and typically you will have to wait for the results to wear off across the space of a few months.  Although, there is a promising mouse-model study conducted by the Harley Academy demonstrating neutralisation of botulism toxin A and toxin B – watch this space! Botox Reversal May Soon Be Possible(harleyacademy.com)

Seek expertise that attunes your anatomy and individuality

No one wants to fall victim to a cosmetic procedure that doesn’t resonate with their true self. If you’re unsure about pressing play on a cosmetic surgery procedure there may be an opportunity to start slowly. For example, having Botox injections before deciding you’re ready for facelift surgery, or undergoing non-invasive CoolSculpting sessions, before you are ready to have liposuction or a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). Regardless of whether you are seeking to ‘undo’ a plastic surgery or appearance medicine procedure or are seeking to undergo, when you place yourself in the hands of a reputable and trusted cosmetic and plastic surgery specialist, you can be guaranteed safest practise and procedures tailored to your individual needs and goals. You’re wellbeing and safety should always be a top priority.

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