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Greatest Hits . . . Sing to Your Own Tune in 2020

December 8, 2020
Greatest Hits . . .  Sing to Your Own Tune in 2020

Kick the New Year resolutions to the curb, this year make 2020 to do for you – minus the ‘time pressure’ factor. And, when it comes to facial enhancing, we’re for proactive rejuvenating – and results that speak you – not tweakment trends. And, one of the most effective ways to enhance the ‘real me’ efficiently, effectively – and in a timely manner – is with minimally invasive cosmetic procedures.

And, if you’re unconvinced as to why these procedures are steadily rising in popularity, there is more than one reason. Aside from greater affordability, low-risk association and accessibility to reputable doctors, surgeons and nurses – like ourselves – many women and men simply want to restore balance and harmony without surgically ‘changing’ their faces. And, they can choose gradually to strengthen hear, smooth here or lift here – not all in one hit.

So, which procedures should you turn to, in order to capture and enhance? If wrinkles are becoming an issue – forehead, crow’s feet, frown lines – then targeting them with Botox is a solution. Minimally invasive, completed in your lunch hour and lasting anywhere from six to nine months. Wrinkles sorted!

Age affects us all, and so too does natural loss of fat in our faces – particularly around eyes and cheeks. The solution? Soft tissue fillers to reduce fine lines and plump up the volume and fullness. And if injecting the ‘unknown’ into your face has you weary, don’t discount fillers before you know them. The gel-like dermal fillers we engage are the safe – why? Because they are created from created from hyaluronan – which is naturally present in our skin. And, because these modern fillers follow our skin’s natural make-up, they have staying power!

Best suited facial areas for dermal fillers? Target areas, include, jowls, marionette lines, cheeks, lips and forehead. If your chin’s been getting you down – you’re not alone. Did you know that regardless of weight and gender, many of us are simply destined to sport a double-chin – genetics have a part to play in that too!

Naturally sculpting your jawline – no scalpel insight – is achievable. BELKYRA is a solution and is also naturally in tune with our selves. It’s a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid – which imitates naturally occurring deoxycholic acid in our bodies – when it’s injected into the chin area it melts away fat for good! Permanent solution without the pain.

When it comes to feeling and looking good, make 2020 your year to refresh and rejuvenate. Book a free consultation with our team of experts.

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