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Forget the Cup – Breast Implants Are No Cooking Measure

May 11, 2021

Breast implants continue to move with the times – so our sizing should follow suit. When you tune into an implant fit for your body – and forget ‘cup’ size mentality – best results happen.

“There has been significant changes in breast augmentation in the last five years, with a change in the availability of implants and new technology such as Motiva Ergonomics implants and fat grafting for breast augmentation,” says Adam Bialostocki, DaVinci Plastic Surgery Clinic’s cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon. “It’s important to see a surgeon who can offer all available procedures so that you know that you are getting what is best for you.”

A breast implant that fits the natural conventions of your breast is essential – with a particular focus on the width of the breast. Why? Because you don’t want an implant that’s neither wider or narrower than your natural form.

“An implant should match your body’s anatomy – not cause it to stretch out,” explains Adam.“The first step is to have a full assessment with a plastic and reconstructive surgeon.”

A focus on safety– not size – ensures real results, explains Brandon Adams,cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon at Da Vinci Plastic Surgery Clinic.“Which is why plastic surgeons at Da Vinci perform a full history,comprehensive examination and help work out what will meet your needs including what your preferred breast shape is, the best volume to achieve your goals and whether a breast lift is needed in addition to breast implants or fat grafting.”

And,if fat grafting is something you are considering – you’re not alone. It’s surging in popularity due to the natural benefits of using your own fat to plump your breasts, correct minor asymmetries, gently lift and restore form. It’s even been gifted a modern-day name – the Vegan Boob Job.

The best reason to undergo breast augmentation is for you, so reach out to the best expertise to guide your journey, your way forward.

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