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Don’t Sweat It This Summer - Stop hyperhidrosis in its tracks

November 22, 2021

The Kiwi summer is in sight, which means fun, sun – and sweat. Not an ideal companion – regardless of situation – barbeque, beach or boutique. So, to ensure peace-of-mind no matter where you dwell this sunny season, it’sessential to stop the sweat before it stops you – no surgery or invasiveness involved!

And if you thought that excessive armpit perspiration – hyperhidrosis – is just targeting you – you’re not alone. Over 3%of our population suffer at the armpits, with many people shying away from seeking medical treatment because of the stigma associated with sweat. However, no one should have to bear living through several clothes changes a day or left feeling like there is nothing to turn to beyond invasive surgery or constant medication.

Albeit, back in the old days, hyperhidrosis was typically treated with sympathectomy surgery, which involved cutting the nerves that trigger sweating. However, nowadays plastic surgeons and skin specialists engage a less invasive approach – using Botox. And the results speak for themselves – between six and nine months of complete dryness.

So, how does Botox beat the sweat stakes? It is injected into the skin of the armpit superficially – no incisions needed, and although the injections may be moderately uncomfortable, no local anaesthesia is required. The armpits are then free to move, wave about and do as they please for up to nine months. And for those fearing sweat turning up in other places, compensatory hyperhidrosis (whereby sweating breaks out inpreviously affected areas of the body) is rare following Botox treatment.

So, make it your summer to not shy away from addressing those areas that are letting you down – instead rise upand brace for action minus the sweat stress. Want to know more? Book in for a free consultation with one of our cosmetic specialists.


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