18 January 2017

Let's lower melanoma rates

Let's lower melanoma rates

Have you made your 2017 New Year's resolution yet?

Why not make it a resolution to have your skin checked? Yes, it's one of those things that sadly does get put off, but with the alarming skin cancer and melanoma statistics in our country, an annual skin check should become a priority, and as important as having a mammogram or prostate cancer screening. In recent years, more New Zealanders die from melanoma than on our roads. But there is good news. Melanoma can be treated successfully if caught in time. Early detection is imperative, as is sunsmart behaviour. Check out the facts about early detection with Melanoma New Zealand.

Our Dermatologist and Plastic Surgeons work in unison to provide you with all you need in skin health, and are dedicated to ensuring your optimal outcome. A Dermatologist working alongside a Plastic Surgeon means you are assured of the best aesthetic outcome and here at the Da Vinci Clinic, we use only the latest, state of the art methods.

So, pick up the phone and make that skin check an annual event - it's time to make the change.