26 January 2017

Head to toe coverage

Head to toe coverage

Our team of dedicated health specialists have your plastic surgery, dermatology and appearance medicine needs covered - quite literally from head to toe. Working in unison, our dermatologists, plastic surgeons and specialist nurses ensure you have streamlined care and optimal outcomes.

The beauty of having skin specialists and surgeons under the same roof, means that the Da Vinci Clinic in a sense, becomes a one-stop shop. Whether you are having skin checks, or treatment for skin cancer, our team work closely and in consultation with each other, from detection and diagnosis through to treatment, including MOHS surgery, sentinel node biopsies and analysis. Urgent appointments are always available should you have concerns about a change to your skin.

This comprehensive approach is also apparent in our Plastic Surgery and appearance medicine teams whose work complements each other in providing you with the best result possible. We are always realistic about outcomes and liaise closely with our patients to ensure their desires are a significant part of of the plan, be it cosmetic or reconstructive plastic surgery.

Talk to us to learn more about what is available here at the Da Vinci Clinic. Our services include dermatology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, skin cancer checks by specialist dermatologists and plastic surgeons, ACC surgery, appearance medicine including Botox and dermal filler treatments, as well as the state of the art fat freezing technique, CoolSculpting.