Dr. Nicola Abbott

Medical Dermatologist, Skin Cancer Specialist, BSc, MBChB, FACD (Aus)

Dr Nicola Abbott hails from the Bay of Plenty and her special interest in skin stems from a strong family history of dermatitis, and the rewarding nature of working in the dermatology field. Paediatric dermatology, skin cancer and surgery, rashes and hair and nail diseases are all areas of dermatology Dr Abbott specialises in. Improving the quality of life for her patients – children, teenagers and adults alike – is what makes her role so much the greater.

Treating a variety of skin conditions – those that are chronic and spread across all age groups – makes for a fulfilling role.

With family ties to eczema, a keen interest in all things dermatological and a passion to help patients across all age groups, Dr Nicola Abbott returned home to Tauranga after years spent training and working overseas.

Upon completing her studies at Otago Medical School – Dunedin and Wellington – she worked as a junior doctor at Tauranga Hospital and in Queensland, before commencing the study of naevi (moles) at the Dermatology Research Centre under Professor Peter Soyer in Brisbane. This was followed by specialist dermatology training at the Australasian College of Dermatologists. Part of that training was spent at The Wirral, UK – which Dr Abbott describes as ‘a fabulous experience’, coupled with training at three Brisbane hospitals – Princess Alexandra Hospital, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, and Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital. Before journeying back to the Bay of Plenty, Dr Abbott also worked for six months as a consultant dermatologist on the Gold Coast.

Her return to home turf is one she and her family have wholeheartedly embraced. Affording greater opportunity to reconnect with family and friends and embrace time spent outdoors – on the water, at the beach and mountainside.

Improving symptoms and optimising the management of skin conditions for her patients, brings the greatest reward for Dr Abbott, and making inroads to treating chronic skin conditions – that have significant impact on patients and their family members – continually reaffirms her decision to follow a dermatological pathway.