Dermatology and



Healthy skin has long been considered an indicator of your overall health and well-being. When you suffer from a skin condition it’s frustrating that your skin doesn’t mirror the way you feel inside.

The expert team at our skin clinic understand just how confidence-draining and debilitating skin conditions can be. We're here to help, providing latest technology and up to the minute treatments in a relaxed and supportive environment. Our Dermatologist, Dr Amy Stanway, works with patients of all ages, dealing with skin conditions, skin cancers including Melanoma, and hair and nail disorders. With the added benefit of having Plastic Surgeons, Mr Bialostocki and Mr Adams, under the same roof, the inter-disciplinary nautre of our specialist team means that the optinal outcomes for you as a patient is guaranteed.

Dr Stanway is well aware of the pressures placed on people - particularly teens - to have a 'perfect skin', and provides a range of options in her treatments. A significant amount of her time is spent diagnosing and treating skin cancers, including Melanoma.


Mohs Surgery

Standard surgery involves excision of your skin cancer following which your wound is repaired. Your skin specimen is then sent to the laboratory to be processed over a number of days. In some circumstances further surgery may then be required if your cancer is not completely removed on the first occasion.

In MOHS surgery the skin cancer is excised and then immediately examined under the microscope to ensure it has been adequately removed. Should this surgery be required, Dr Stanway will refer to a specialist who works in this field.