12 December 2018

Mummy Makeovers, Restoration not supermodel looks

Mummy Makeovers, Restoration not supermodel looks

If you’re a mum in the 20 – 39 age bracket, or know someone who is, your group is undergoing the lion’s share of 'Mummy Makeovers.' Breast augmentations, tummy tucks and liposuction procedures have all been climbing steadily since 2000 – and show no signs of slowing down. With such soaring popularity worldwide, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was all about keeping up appearances. But it’s not.

A ‘Mummy Makeover’ as it’s been coined, isn’t gaining strength in numbers for purely looks sake, but for regained self-confidence and recontouring where it’s most needed. Restring one’s body completely following childbirth can’t be achieved with just exercise and diet alone – something many critics of ‘mummy makeovers’ fail to realise. Why? Because diet and physical exercise cannot repair post-birth stretch marks or sagging breasts, but re-sculpting with surgical procedures is achievable. Rather, than aiming to become a supermodel a mummy make-over is about restoring and revealing the inner you on the outside.

After all, the body undergoes considerable body changes during pregnancy to allow room for baby to grow: Skin and muscles in the abdomen relax, abdominal wall loses muscle tone, excess skin can sit below the belly button and breasts gain weight. With multiple changes constantly occurring, coupled with hormonal changes and physical family and everyday life adjustments when baby arrives, loss of control and insecurity can be overwhelming. Even thoughts of getting undressed in front of a partner can bring on anxieties for many women.

Therefore, mummy makeover specific procedures benefit women both publicly and privately. Liposuction or CoolSculpting to eliminate the fat pockets on the belly and abdomen – easy to gain but hard to get rid of. A tummy tuck to remover the extra skin on abdomen, and a breast lift to regain a pre-pregnancy shape. Forget the supermodel expectations, mum’s simply want to look their best and feel refreshed – and these are expectations we are all deserving of.