Cosmetic Surgery

As part of our desire to offer you the very best in a continuum of care at Da Vinci Clinic, we offer a range of cosmetic surgery procedures performed by Mr Bialostocki.

With a wealth of experience in the procedures listed here, Mr Bialostocki’s experience and good judgment combined with the most modern advancements and well established techniques, ensures that your optimal outcome can be achieved.

Cosmetic surgery is usually concerned with aesthetic improvements and a personal desire to in some way change and/or enhance your facial or bodily features. In most cases these types of surgery are undertaken at Grace Hospital in Tauranga, where Mr Bialostocki and his team work alongside a highly trained team of theatre and anaesthetic staff in this modern and progressive health facility.

Initially you will need to make an appointment for a cosmetic consultation, during which time your particular wishes, options available to you, and details around the surgery will be discussed. It is not uncommon for potential patients to be under the impression that they need a certain procedure in order to achieve a desired outcome, when in fact a different procedure may give them the result they desire. Some patients are also pleasantly surprised to discover the plastic surgery they thought they needed, is in fact not as invasive or complex.

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

This is a re-shaping operation, not a weight-loss operation. Typically, the best candidates have loose skin, possibly as a result of pregnancy or after weight loss, and are already at an ideal body weight. 

The incision is made across the lower stomach, below the bikini line, and muscles are surgically tightened with stitches. Excess skin and fat are removed, and the belly button is sometimes repositioned. Patients usually allow about two weeks off work following the tummy tuck, and have to wear supportive garments for about a month


Another very common plastic surgery technique, which involves removing localised fat deposits using a combination of suction and a hollow needle (cannula), inserted through a small skin incision.

Areas commonly treated by liposuction include the hips, flanks, thighs, abdomen, back, ankles, neck.

Treated areas may appear firmer, better contoured or flatter. Areas treated are unlikely to return to their former size, as the number of fat cells in that area are decreased by the liposuction.

The treatment doesn't improve cellulite, change stretch marks or help someone lose weight. The final result depends on the amount of skin shrinkage that occurs afterwards, and a compression garment is essential to achieve the best results.

This procedure is done under General Anaesthetic at Grace Private Hospital. While it would cost less to have it done under Local Anaesthetic, it is safest and far more comfortable to have it done under General Anaesthetic in a hospital theatre, where patients are looked after by a highly-trained anaesthetist and theatre staff and can recover in the safety of a Hospital.

Fat Grafting (Lipomodelling)

This is a technique for transferring fat from one part of your body (such as central lower abdomen), to another. Common areas for receiving fat are: Cheeks, lower lids, and irregularities anywhere else caused by aging, accidents or previous surgery. An average of 70% of the fat volume survives in the new location, and it takes around 6 weeks until you know how much has taken. Small top-ups may be necessary if there has been insufficient ‘take’.

Body Contouring

The upper arms, upper inner thighs and lower body can all be re-contoured if there is excess skin in these areas. A recent trend is for body-lifting after massive weight loss surgery, such as after gastric bypass or gastric banding. The scars are kept in areas that can be covered by undergarments.


A labiaplasty is an operation to reduce the size of elongated labia in women. This can be to correct damage from trauma or childbirth, or to reduce discomfort from enlarged labia, or for personal cosmetic reasons. While this can be done under local anaesthetic, many women chose to have this surgery done under general anaesthesia.

As there is such a diversity in required outcomes, we prefer to discuss each case individually.

*Labiaplasty is the only genital re-shaping performed by Mr Bialostocki